Too quiet, too nervous, too monotone, not passionate, not authoritative – The Gravitas Method was created because so many of us are experts, but don’t know how to express it.


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Gravitas: Communicate with Confidence, Influence and Authority





Amazing Mini downloads from The Gravitas Method


In a competitive world, success favours the articulate: it really does matter what you say and how you sound when you say it. When you have Gravitas you sound like the pilot of the plane. Others relax and trust your expertise.




These audio downloads show you, step by step, how to express your ideas with confidence, authority and influence. Created by a leading voice coach and speaker, with experience of helping thousands of people globally, it’s packed full of techniques which you can use to communicate ideas impressively and articulately, with confidence, authority and influence. The Gravitas Method is for you and your team if:


  • you lack the credibility and the influence you really need.
  • you want to succeed in a new role and need a new style.
  • you don’t speak up in meetings and it’s holding you back.
  • your manner lets you down in teleconferences or media interviews.






The Gravitas Method audio downloads are so easy to access.






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