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When you speak, do you improve the silence?  Are you able to say something truly worthy of attention? If you know there’s room for improvement – you’re in the right place. When your words have weight you see others sit up and pay attention and The Gravitas Method will boost your Gravitas and your skill as a speaker.

How to speak so others listen

Have you ever wondered why some people earn attention and respect when they speak and others don’t? The secret to their success can be summed up in one word: gravitas. In this video, Caroline Goyder reveals how to speak so others will listen.


Get Caroline’s series of Confidence Booster audio courses as a gift from us, completely FREE when you purchase the book.



Caroline Goyder has run gravitas, confidence, impact and influence training, and coaching for large corporates and SMES for over a decade. Clients have included BT, Bloomberg, REWARDSTYLE, HSBC, Azimo, Unilever, MITIE, CNN, RBS, BP, EY, KPMG, Fallon, Grey and Wieden and Kennedy, as well as Members of Parliament and TV presenters, a monarch and TED speakers.


Sarah Baynes heads up The Confidence Method as an Associate of the Gravitas Method. She has worked extensively in media and the city. She was a Commissioner at Channel 4 for many years including being responsible for Big Breakfast/T4 and other programmes including spending several years with ITN. She set up the first terrestrial broadcaster website and has always been a pioneer in this space.


Will has worked in organisations of all sizes from micro-enterprises to board-level roles in large organisations. He has consulted to brands across a range of industries regarding how they refine their messaging and positioning, encompassing innovations, brand & communications and customer experience. He brings a digital perspective from his role as Innovation Director with WPP’s Kantar TNS.

The surprising secret to speaking with confidence

In this fun and personal talk, Caroline shares a story of moving from stage-paralysis to expressive self. Accompanied by an unusual prop, she encourages us to use our voice as an instrument and really find the confidence within.


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Each audio series is 20-30 minutes long. You can download each audio series separately, or download the bundle.  Each audio series is in bite-size sections that you can listen to separately. Step by step you’ll learn how Gravitas works and how to achieve it. You can listen to the whole recording, or take it section by section.

Gravitas: Communicate with Confidence, Influence and Authority

In this revolutionary new book, leading voice coach and speaker Caroline Goyder reveals how to speak so others will listen. Through simple techniques to build your natural gravitas, you will learn how to express yourself clearly with passion and confidence to persuade, influence and engage listeners. By being grounded in your values and capabilities, you will gain the authority needed to make people sit up and pay attention.