The Gravitas Method Book - Gravitas
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The Gravitas Method Book

Caroline Goyder - Gravitas Method book


The Gravitas Method

Caroline is the Founder and Creator of The Gravitas Method, and author of revolutionary new book, GRAVITAS, in which she reveals how to speak so others will listen.  Using simple techniques to build your natural gravitas, you will learn how to express yourself clearly with passion and confidence to persuade, influence and engage listeners. By being grounded in your values and capabilities, you will gain the authority needed to make people sit up and pay attention.





Star Qualities

`Goyder writes engagingly and the self depreciating passages from Bill Nighy and David Hare are particularly good.’


‘Where, exactly, was I going to find the confidence to make this speech? The answer lay with Caroline Goyder… A book explaining the methods actoris use to remain poised under intense pressure. Goyder has managed to persuade an impressive range of leading actors, from Sarah Jessica Parker to Kate Winslet, Ewan McGregor, Minnie Driver and Emily Mortimer, to divulge their secrets.’
Red Magazine


‘Movie and TV stars could help you get your next job, according to Caroline Goyder, who trains actors and coaches professionals, politicians and broadcasters in the art of interviewing.’
Evening Standard


‘Another book I’m taken with is Caroline Goyder’s The Star Qualities. It is subtitled “How to sparkle in all aspects of your life” and includes lots of advice from Big Names such as Helen Mirren, Ewan McGregor and Kate Winslet and many others all of whom the author has interviewed. We’ve had plenty of books about confidence and presence before, but it is good to present some of the information in authoritative vignettes like this.’
The Stage


‘To overcome shyness you need to learn to shine. And who better to advise you than the people who get paid millions to fake it – the Hollywood stars…You would imagine that for the world’s top performers, self confidence goes with the territory of that special something known as star quality. Not so, according to voice coach Caroline Goyder, who trains actors at Central School of Speech and Drama in London and teaches politicians and broadcasters to overcome shyness.’
Hello Magazine


‘The good news is that confidence isn’t something you are born with. It’s a skill that requires practice and there are techniques that can soon be acquired to pull you out of that negative mindset….According to Caroline Goyder, author of The Star Qualities, confident people are not always free of doubt. On the contrary, they sometimes may be full of doubts and they know exactly what their flaws are.’What makes the confident person stand out is they embrace the flaws and fear and get on with what they have to do. They realise that no one expects them to be perfect.’
OK! Magazine


‘With this invaluable guide you will learn how to shine in any situation.’
Living North Magazine


Caroline’s book, The Star Qualities, is published by Macmillan.