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How to de-posh your accent

As George Osborne attempts to change his accent to downplay his privileged public school background, how you sound can have a profound affect on how people view you, says Caroline Goyder

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The Power of the Pause

Pauses strengthen the voice. They also render thoughts more clear-cut by separating them. Rhetorica ad Herennium   I want you to learn to love pauses. Not rushed or panicky pauses. No one could love those. I want you to learn to love pregnant pauses. Pauses full of ease, life, breath and thought. Pauses that move your thinking on, which give you inspiration. Pauses that are, to echo the old Coca-Cola slogan, the ‘pause that refreshes’.   The ability to be … more

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Pausing and Phrasing

“Everything I say is the result of thought / Every thought I have needs a breath / Breathing is also known as inspiration / Therefore I inspire the thought with breath / Which in turn becomes sound / And with articulation becomes speech / Then I can turn the speech into words / In order to share with the audience my original thought.” Royal Academy of Dramatic Art (London) advice   Phrases and pauses are a blissful combination for an … more

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“A good pace is what you would naturally say to one person. If you’re rattling like a machine gun one person is not going to be very interested. There are stories that annoy, upset, amuse, and in some senses I’m hoping that the viewer will also be amused, annoyed, upset or horrified.” Jon Snow, journalist and presenter     One way to boost gravitas is pace.  Another is pausing.  Pace must be intertwined with meaning and the needs of the … more

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Find Your True North

If you are to make the right choices for yourself in life – as Cicero suggests Cato did – you need to choose what feels right. The US speech coach KC Baker calls this self-direction – steering a course to your true north. True north is best expressed as a this-is-me feeling. Psychotherapist Joseph Campbell had an expression for it: ‘Follow your bliss.’ Campbell said he came to the idea of bliss via the Sanskrit word sat-chit-ananda, which means ‘being-consciousness-rapture’. … more

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