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How The Downloads Work

Each one is 30-40 minutes long. You can download each audio separately, or download the bundle.


Each audio is in bite-size sections that you can listen to separately. Step by step you’ll learn how Gravitas works and how to achieve it. You can listen to the whole recording, or take it section by section.


These audios are now yours to download in an instant. Click on this link, choose the audios you want, download them into your computer, smart phone or iPad: you can take them on the road and make effective use of quiet moments.


The Gravitas Method: All MP3 audios download into iTunes and Windows Media Player and are approx 40-45 minutes. Download now (hyperlink to Download Audios now)


How Gravitas works: £16.87

Interviews with Gravitas: £16.87

Meetings with Gravitas: £16.87

Telephone Calls with Gravitas: £16.87

Presenting with Gravitas: £16.87


Or buy the bundle of five recordings for £77

Download Audios now (hyperlink)hyperlink to Download Audios now)

Or call or email for Corporate pricing: request callback/ email us.


Audio summaries


Audio One: Find your Gravitas

We all have Gravitas inside; we just need to know how to unlock it. This audio shows you the mind, voice and body steps that will help you express yourself well.

Section One: Caroline shows you how your thinking is the fastest and most powerful way to unlock your Gravitas.

Section Two: How to balance Gravitas and warmth, the practical voice and body tool that’s effective and easy to use.

Section Three: The power of Empathy: Why listening and empathy are gravitas boosters, and how to develop them.


Audio Two: Meetings with Gravitas

How can you make sure your meetings are successful? This audio shows you how to deal with negativity and get results.

Section One: Introduction: how Gravitas works in meetings.

Section Two: What not to do in meetings: the four “horsemen” and how to deal with them when meetings go bad.

Section Three: What to do in meetings: five rules for Gravitas and getting the results you want.

Section Four: The power of attention: how to turbo-charge your Gravitas.


Audio Three: Phone Calls with Gravitas

How can you hold successful and interesting phone calls? This audio shows you how.

Section One: Introduction: What you must know about phone calls, and how it can help your Gravitas.

Section Two: What to say: how to plan and structure a good call.

Section Three: Get ready for a call: how to get your mind and body calm and confident.

Section Four: How to sound good; five rules for Gravitas and charisma.

Section Five: Top tips for a great call: your fast reminder of the rules.


Audio Four: New Business Meetings and Interviews with Gravitas

When the spotlight’s on you with new clients or interview panels, how do you get the success you want? This audio shows you how to get the best results you can, however high the stakes.

Section One: Introduction.

Section Two: How to prepare.

Section Three: How to practice.

Section Four:  How to perform.

Section Five: Top tips for success at interview.


Audio Five: Presentations and Speeches with Gravitas

Do you want to know how to be credible, conversational and successful when you speak? This audio talks you through effective steps for structuring your thoughts, the power of practice, and how to do it, and top tips for speaking powerfully and credibly.

Section One: Introduction.

Section Two: What to say: how to express your message clearly and powerfully.

Section Three: How to rehearse: why rehearsal is the key to success and how to do it.

Section Four: Deal with nerves: peak performance strategies to get the butterflies flying formation.

Section Five: Top tips for powerful performance.


Develop your Mastery: The Gravitas Method Bespoke Training and Coaching

Contact us for individually developed programmes combining talks with mentoring or training to help hone you and your team get exactly the results you want, at the speed you want it. We run training packages for many corporate clients and can design something completely bespoke to your requirements.



Audios One – Five: Complete Gravitas Toolkit

Listen to Caroline’s confidence building toolkit wherever you are with her bundle of brand-new ‘Gravitas Method’ digital downloads. Buy the entire series of these 5 calming, confidence and skill building downloads for the discounted ‘bundle’ price of £67 – that’s a saving of 30%.


Download your MP3s onto your computer, tablet, phone or ipod now and your pocket voice and gravitas coach will be there whenever you need it, to help you through the professional challenges you face.  You ca choose the individual MP3s you wish to purchase, however, we recommend buying all 5 together to get the to maximise the system and make the most of your inner confidence, gravitas and authority.


If you wish to purchase all 5 downloads you will automatically receive your ‘bundle’ price discount when you add all downloads to your shopping cart.


This bundle gives you everything you need, the complete toolkit for Gravitas in all professional situations. You’ll overcome your nerves, learn how to get your messages polished, present with power, and boost your influence and authority in all your telephone calls, meetings, interviews, pitches and presentations. Download it into your phone or tablet to learn on the move. Whenever you have five minutes you can boost your confidence, authority and influence – the key qualities to your success.





The Gravitas Method™ audio downloads are so easy to access.