Mini Audio Downloads from only 99p - The Gravitas Method
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Mini Audio Downloads from only 99p


These are our most popular, short MP3s. They have proved very successful, people tell us that they’re a great way to relax or learn on the move. They’re short, which makes them perfect for a busy day, and give you the fastest, most effective way to the skills you want, whether it’s being calm, or sounding confident.

1) Dealing with Nerves (3:35 minutes)


· Relax, find your inner calm
· Learn how to breathe well
· Let go of unnecessary tension
· Feel happier, calmer and more confident


Breathing is key to feeling good, looking good and sounding good. But most people don’t realise that they could unlock a more relaxed, healthier way of breathing.


Listening to Dealing with Nerves will help you relax and unlock your body’s natural breathing pattern.  The Dealing with Nerves MP3 will help you enjoy the physical and emotional benefits of a regular, deep sleeping pattern.


2) Speak Well (4:38 minutes)


· Be your own voice coach
· Learn how to speak well
· Learn how to get your voice sounding good, quickly
· Learn how to use voice tone to engage your audiences
· Learn to use pauses to stay calm and in control


A good voice is your secret weapon. Research shows that a good voice transforms how people see you, and boosts the positive impressions they have of you, and your message. However, most people don’t realise that tension restricts the richness of their voice, and that with a few minutes a day, you can unlock the naturally powerful voice within.


Listening to Speak Well will help you unlock the voice you want.


Through a range of relaxation techniques and voice tips and tricks, the Speak Well MP3 will help you sound and feel great.


3) Sound Good on the Phone (9:55 minutes)


· Learn how to be yourself on the phone (and avoid phone voice!)
· Learn how emphasis can help you get the message across
· Learn how to speak clearly and effectively
· Learn how to engage audiences and sound credible on the phone


Phone calls are crucial to our professional success. Most people think that because people can’t see you, they don’t matter. The reverse is true. Research shows that listeners can hear 16 kinds of smile on the phone – which tells you that your voice reveals a huge amount about your physicality.


Listening to Sound Good on the Phone will help make better calls.  Through a range of relaxation techniques and voice tips and tricks, the Sound Good on the Phone MP3 will help you make a great impression on all your phone calls and messages.


4) How to be Credible & Approachable (13 minutes)


· Learn how to increase gravitas by balancing your credibility and approachability
· A fun and practical technique that can have a significant effect on your gravitas
· Transform the way you approach your relationships with people
· Build better rapport with people in both your personal and working life


Caroline introduces you to the ‘Cat & Dog’ model based on research from Michael Grinder and Deborah Tannen in the US, who looked at how successful teachers do something very specific to gain the focus and attention of their class.


Listening to How to be Credible & Approachable will help you transform the way you deal with people in various situations.  Through a range of body language techniques and voice tips and tricks, the How to be Credible & Approachable MP3 will help you understand how by balancing your credibility and approachability, you can significantly improve your gravitas.


5) Visualise your Gravitas (5:10 minutes)


· A powerful and relaxing exercise to help you visualise your gravitas
· Help with thinking about people whose gravitas inspires you
· Learn how to ‘act as if’ and channel this energy to find gravitas in yourself


Research shows that active imagining actually changes the way you think and act for real; in tests it changed brain chemistry.


Listening to Visualise your Gravitas will teach you some valuable breathing, relaxation and visualisation techniques to help you to unlock your own inner gravitas and anchor the feeling.