The System

Audios and videos, downloadable to your computer, smart phone or iPad in three simple steps. Click here for the five audios that will help you express yourself powerfully.


When you speak, do you improve the silence? Are you able to say something truly worthy of attention? If you know there’s room for improvement – you’re in the right place. When your words have weight you see others sit up and pay attention and The Gravitas Method will boost your Gravitas and your skill as a speaker.


The Gravitas Method will help you find your Gravitas and presence within. It is for you and your team if:


  • you lack the credibility and the influence you really need.
  • you want to succeed in a new role and need a new style.
  • you don’t speak up in meetings and it’s holding you back.
  • your manner lets you down in teleconferences or media interviews.





A lack of Gravitas will impede your professional success, but the good news is that Gravitas can be learned. These audio downloads show you how to find your voice as a speaker, how to express your ideas with power, and project the kind of Gravitas that others really want to listen to.


The Gravitas Method audio downloads are so easy to access.


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