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All our training packages have a bespoke element, and our focus is always to help participants really get to grips with the work, and make powerful, practical changes.

Gravitas and Influence:

How to Build Credibility, Trust and Win Sponsorship
2 day workshop: 2 half days, masterclass or individual coaching package

This workshop helps participants focus on their personal style as a leader, and the steps they need to take to up their gravitas and influence in front of their specific audiences, whether it’s the Board, Executive Committee, or a key client meeting or pitch. From there they’ll learn powerful leadership tools and leave with a personal list of next steps they can immediately put into action in meetings and teleconferences. Participants tell us they have far more influence, calm and confidence in meetings, and build trust and impact with audiences both internal and external so they can win business and sponsorship for their vision.

Speaker Toolkit:

Find Your Voice and Inspire Your Audience
2 day workshop: 2 half days or an individual coaching package

Many leaders feel secret anxiety when they are invited to speak to large audiences. This course shows them how to overcome internal barriers to find the speaker within. The course reveals that there’s no such thing as a “natural” speaker – everyone has a quietly confident, authentic speaker within if they know where to look, if they know how to prepare, to find their stories, and to rehearse. This session shares with participants the essential steps to finding their voices as speakers and succeeding in the spotlight. Participants tell us they feel confident to accept speaker invitations and get great feedback from audiences, to the extent that they start to enjoy speaking at events, knowing they can get the butterflies flying in formation and their message to resonate.


Each audio series is 20-30 minutes long. You can download each audio series separately, or download the bundle.  Each audio series is in bite-size sections that you can listen to separately. Step by step you’ll learn how Gravitas works and how to achieve it. You can listen to the whole recording, or take it section by section.