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“I am in a trade mission with UKTI and the mayor of London. I won the pitching competition in fintech – I have discovered the cat in me. I even had to do the pitch in front of the press, only podium was a bit high for me but did not deter me.

Thank you again – you were certainly instrumental in my development in public speaking”.




jonnygellerthanks @CarolineGoyder is the best in the business and you should watch her brilliant Ted Talk too – youtube.com/watch?v=a2MR5X…

Jonny Geller



“We ran a short evaluation survey for those that attended the large session you facilitated.  There were numerous comments about how useful people found it, together with comments about how they will now focus on their breathing, pausing, and being more cat/dog!  In short, the results shows that 96% of delegates found the session useful, and 97% would like to see more of that type of session…these are absolutely brilliant results!!”

James Devine,
Deputy Director of HR and OD,
Great Ormond Street Hospital



“Thank you so much for such a fun and interesting session today. We’ve had fantastic feedback from attendees!”

Department for Transport



“Thank you for delivering such a great event yesterday to our Pearls members, the feedback we have received so far has been excellent.”

Charlotte Jones,
Events and Membership Manager,
An Inspirational Journey 
event in Westminster, for 250 senior women




“Just a quick note to say that I just got promoted to Director of Leisure! Part of the reason for it was because  the area team were really impressed with me and my leadership and gravitas!!  So thank you for the brilliant coaching… It has had a direct impact on my life (I still practice by the way)”.

A Barge



“On behalf of the Weightmans Wednesday Committee, I’d like to say a huge thank you for taking the time to speak yesterday. We really appreciate all of the effort you made and for putting on such an engaging presentation.


The feedback has been fantastic and you received a resounding set of ‘excellent’ scores for your presentation and the subject matter.


I’ve also heard a number of people debating on whether they are a ‘Cat or Dog’ in the office this morning! Something that I believe will soon be a global concept!


So thank you again. I am personally very inspired by the work you do and hope to work with you again in the future”.
Afua Akom
Weightmans LLP



“Thank you so much a brilliant session at Filmonomics/Birds Eye View.  Your expertise and advice was genuinely helpful and thought-provoking, and just yesterday I found myself deploying a bit of stillness and ‘cat-ness’ in a meeting with an Exec I find quite tricky and intimidating.  It shifted the dynamic, and I found it really empowering to know how to flex.  I’m off to Sundance next week with a film that’s in production and part of the Fellows programme, so we’ll be pitching like crazy to a lot of different funders and facilitators, and I’ll be reflecting some more on everything you showed us, and taking some ace new skills with me.  Thanks so much!


PS: Just back from Sundance, and it went extremely well, in no small part due to the session I did with you beforehand!  Thanks so much again.”

Director/Producer who attended Filmonomics




“Thankyou so much, you were really incredible, that was such a good first session. You kicked our workshop off with a bang!”

Mia Bays. Film Producer. Director, Filmonomics training programme on Caroline’s “Personal Styles” session. 




“My girlfriend just bought me the full Gravitas Method audio series. I must say, it’s superb!  I head up a start-up advertising firm in the UK, so am constantly pitching to clients and other agencies. The audio series provides you with the toolkit to make that marginal difference between becoming a priority, or landing on the “for consideration” pile.  Very happy to recommend to others (only a select few though!)”.

James E, London




“Thank you so much for speaking at the 2015 Junior Lawyers Division Annual Conference.  We have had outstanding feedback from your session.  In particular, people described the talk as fun, engaging, and helpful.  Delegates pointed out that the workshop provided practical tips that can be used in day-to-day professional life.  Genuinely fantastic, and above all, a very friendly person”.

Max Harris, 2015 Chair of the Junior Lawyers Division of the Law Society




Caroline has the code to unlock anyone’s hidden potential. Gravitas is about balance not heaviness. Caroline’s secret weapon is simplicity; just picking up few tips from Caroline’s method anyone can improve immediately the quality of presence in any situation. Doesn’t matter role or seniority.  




“Caroline’s methods get results. I think the key to her effectiveness is her ability to communicate difficult ideas about how we can appear confident even at times when we doubt ourselves. She turned me from an enthusiastic but unpolished performer on the air to a confident presenter and anchor. The camera sees everything. After a family tragedy I went back to work and wasn’t the same. Caroline gave me invaluable tricks to get me by until time had done its work.”


“Caroline has been my secret weapon, her methods have helped me build confidence and poise. She taught me how to share the stories I am passionate about in a way that is calm, clear and centred. The results have helped me, not just in my job as a journalist and presenter, but in all aspects of my life.”

Linzie Janis, TV Anchor/ Presenter



“It may seem initially unconventional to apply the skills of stage and screen to life at the office. Yet Caroline shares with you the knowledge of successful A-list actors like Ewan McGregor and Helen Mirren to help you build your gravitas at work.


Using Caroline’s approach is like verbal alchemy. I’ve learned that careful preparation – in breath, visualisation and body – builds confidence and competence. This helps me deliver messages calmly and confidently in front of an audience – whether at a job interview, meeting or presentation.


Whenever I’ve felt unsure before a stressful situation, I listen to her download to help me relax and focus my thoughts. Hearing Caroline’s voice is like having an angel on your shoulder. She guides you to peak performance under pressure. It’s simple, effective and the results will speak for themselves.”

Daniel, Professional Communicator



“I have been doing selection meetings for six years and it all came together on Tuesday when I got selected for an ultra marginal winnable seat – after your course, reading your book and listening to the uber calming audios – that is not a coincidence! What can I say. Its an attitude of mind. Thank you”.

Candidate for MP selection



“Working with Caroline was a real delight. Her recommendations, insights and practical applications made a huge difference. She shows you how to work with the assets you have, rather than try to be or emulate somebody else, making your presentation much more authentic, therefore compelling as the true you comes through”.

Michelle Dorion, Chair, Children’s Museum London



“Before working with Caroline and her Gravitas Method I was completely clueless on how my voice could be altered to appear more open and approachable. I used her wonderful tips to help me record six 30 minute downloads. With her skills and advice I was able to show others my true expert skills. I learnt how, when speaking, to emphasise key words so that it helped the listener hear my message. Not only has this helped my confidence to speak in public but the advice will stay with me as I continue to do future presentations.”

Occupational Therapist/Business Owner




“As a voice coach, Caroline Goyder has been instrumental in making me a more efficient broadcast reporter. Thanks to the work we have done together, my voice is now warmer and sharper — conveying more information, emotion and authority in my news reports. I would highly recommend Caroline for anyone working in television news.”

Ben Barnier 
AP / France 24 / ABC News



“Caroline Goyder is professional and effective. My time with her was enjoyable, full of passion, creative and successful. For anyone wanting to take their voice to the next level, particularly when it comes to broadcast and/or public speaking, Caroline is the person. Trust me. She is good and easy to work with. No nonsense, straight to it and let’s get results. That’s the only way!”
John Dawson, Broadcaster, Hong Kong



“Caroline Goyder has been an amazing influence. Her combination of many different strands of performance coaching have made the difference between merely (not) getting through and enjoying a successful presentation, for me.


I will always be grateful to her and will always look to her for support as the stakes get higher. She knows her stuff and has one of the nicest manners in the business when it comes to teasing the best out of you.


Her ability to reach inside of you and shine a light on the problem whilst encouraging your better-self to take centre stage are a rare gift. As a voice specialist, performance coach and classical performer myself there are few people I can feel comfortable turning to in times of pressure. But Caroline is one of them. She’s a good un’.”

Ian MacDonald MSc; Dip RCM; ARCM; ALCM
Classical Singer, Vocal Rehabilitation Specialist The British Association for Performing Arts Medicine, Voice Teacher, Course Tutor for Performing Arts Medicine University College London



“Caroline works magic! As someone working alongside her on a number of projects I’ve watched the transformation of individuals from low impact to high impact and the best bit about it is they don’t lose who they are. I’ve seen people nervous of presenting in front of large audiences take the stage with ease and confidence, others have simply had transformational ah-ha moments that enable them to be who they are with something more. I would recommend Caroline every time – and do!”

Jo Dale, TSO Consulting



“Caroline is an incredibly gifted teacher. She encourages people to make the best of what they have and gives them invaluable tips and techniques to develop Gravitas and overcome nerves. I am always confident that even the most timid person will come out feeling positive. After one or two sessions they are transformed. Caroline is nothing short of brilliant.”
Moyra Doyle, Managing Director, Richmond Associates.



“Caroline gets to the heart of the matter very quickly with people’s development needs. She then brings bold new ways of acting and being with a warmth and charm that invites willing experimentation. I delight in working alongside her.”
Jackie Keeley, Managing Partner at Harthill Consulting


“Caroline was an inspiration to our management team. In a short space of time, she gave us some valuable tools to make us feel more confident, passionate and focused when speaking in public. Caroline taught us a powerful combination of how to relax ourselves through yogic breathing and how to engage and energise our audience by focusing on the outcome and how we wanted them to think, feel and act. She is a breath of fresh air and totally inspirational.”
Tamara Hill-Norton Business Woman of the Year and joint founder and co-owner of Sweaty Betty



“I continue to be delighted with your support in getting me over my fear of public speaking and will continue to use it in my career and probably personal life forever . It has made things so much more fun. It’s really odd and it may well be a coincidence but my session with you seems to have had a knock on effect on everything else I’m doing – not just the filming or addressing large audiences. It seems to have helped in my overall level of confidence and this in turn seems to be making my clients (and friends when I help them with their CVs etc) have even more confidence in me. It’s almost as if I’ve told myself “I’m good and I’m proud of what I do for my clients” and I’ve started acting like this is the case consistently, rather than letting self-doubt affect me.”

Denise Walker, Absolutely Business


“Caroline Goyder is an extremely talented lady. Her level of professionalism and expertise is amongst the highest in her sphere.


She has helped me to achieve my goals by encouraging me to dig deep and discover the true message of what I want to convey. My presentations have improved significantly. Each session has been an absolute joy and voyage of self discovery, tailoring the material for a variety of speeches and different audiences
I cannot thank Caroline enough and I always look forward to working with her.She has real star quality.She has transformed my apprehension, so that not only do I enjoy presenting speeches,but I can focus on delivering the the true message to my audience, for the maximum impact.”
Dr Sindy Newman, Chair of Tiffany Circle, Red Cross UK



“Caroline has been fantastic in helping me with my presentation skills. I recently had to present to 150 of my colleagues at a conference and I was feeling very nervous. Caroline gave me some great tips on how to prepare and structure the presentation, and most importantly how to slow down and relax. I had some great feedback from senior stakeholders and colleagues immediately afterwards and I now feel so much more confident in my presentation style. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Caroline to anyone in a similar position.”
Simon A, Marketing Executive



“Caroline is a pleasure to work with and is extremely well-received by audiences. She takes care to find out what is needed and has brought real added value to events at Coutts and Conservatives Candidates. Audiences have found her material to be thought-provoking and useful and her style positive, inspiring and practical. She balances the informative and the entertaining brilliantly and has great credibility and dynamism as a speaker.”
David Senior. Organiser Coutts Chief Executives Event



“You were absolutely fantastic at the event and that sentiment was echoed in the feedback that was received. Unanimously, we were asked to have you back.”
Jhumar Johnson, Save The Children



“Great tips about how to ensure you put the emphasis on delivery”
“Interactive and applicable”
“Particularly good on specific questions about applying the theories just discussed and individual issues”
“Very inspiring. Great with hands on exercises”
“Very informative and practical”
“Excellent speaker”
“Very good content and presentation skills”
“Approachable speaker, excellent content”
“Very innovative, good to have somebody from outside the industry teach us something useful and tangible. Great tips to take away.“
“Excellent subject”
“Excellent session, Caroline is a credit to the IOF”
British Red Cross Annual Fundraising Conference: Delegate feedback on Caroline’s session on presenting for fundraisers.




“Fantastic session, thought the content was perfectly aimed and really useful and interesting”
“By far my favourite session, incredibly useful, very interesting, new perspective on donors/volunteers/colleagues and myself!”
“I wish it had been longer”
“Brilliant session with very useful, practical tips”
“Best session I attended”
“The lecture was very well done”
“Content was excellent with a really clear outline of what would be covered at the top of the session (taking into consideration our own objectives) and really valuable insight into body language and techniques for public speaking that I will definitely be using in the future”
“Very interesting”
“Brilliant speaker, would love to take a session from her again”
“Felt able and very willing to participate, comfortable and engaged”
“Really enjoyed, great presenter”
“My favourite session of the two days, great workshop!!”
“The facilitator was excellent, made everyone feel relaxed and ensured the session met everyone’s expectations”
“Brilliant delivery throughout the session I was engaged and never bored, as well as being incredibly useful the session was also very entertaining and fun”
Institute of Fundraising Conference 2012: Delegate feedback on Caroline’s session on Influence and Gravitas.



“That was such a great session this morning!  Loved it, what a high energy and positive way to start the day, thank you.”

“Just wanted to say how fantastic I thought the Baker Women event was this morning – Caroline was such a great speaker – and what a relevant and fascinating topic, amazing attendance and really high levels of engagement.  All in all, I thought it was a great event for everyone, irrespective of gender, role or relationship to the firm.”

“What a brilliant event!  I thought it was fascinating.”

“I also thought it was really really good.  Was commenting to a colleague that a number of people in my team could benefit from being more dog or cat…!”

Baker Mckenzie LLP Bakerwomen event


“I attended your class at the School of Life – it was fantastic, thank you so much for sharing your knowledge and techniques with those of us who aren’t able to access these events through work!  I couldn’t believe how much you packed into two hours.”


“Thank you so much for your time and for sharing all the techniques at the School of Life. I have been spreading words about you and will encourage friends to book onto the same class!”



“Absolutely fantastic. It was tremendous and she was superb. I’ve used loads of the techniques on a daily basis since.”

James Clayton Jones


“Caroline is an excellent trainer who was very engaging. Unfortunately I was only able to take part in the morning session but I found it helpful – the putting ourselves in other people’s shoes exercise was particularly insightful and I also enjoyed the breathing techniques which really work for me.


I would certainly find further sessions with her of benefit and am glad to have her book.”

Lizzie Robinson



“I thought the training was really beneficial and have been using the learning.”

Paul Weighand



“I’ve nearly finished the book and found the practical tools she showed us during the session extremely helpful.”

Jenny Shaw



“I thought it was really useful and it proved to be really good group to work with as there was a great element of trust amongst the group.”

Heather Wallace



“I found it a very helpful session.  She was an excellent trainer and the techniques were very practical, she gave us ample opportunity to practice them.  I have used the techniques subsequently, to good effect.  It was also a fantastic opportunity to spend time with colleagues, one which I would hope for more of.”

Hazel Robertson



“I thought the training was excellent and the role play/other person’s shoes exercise was particularly helpful for reflection and in appreciating different perspectives. I’ve used quite a few of the techniques but need to practice more!

Much of Caroline’s underlying theory seems to be based on a ‘personality type’ model which I think is called ‘Insights’. If Kirsty is thinking of using Caroline again, I think people would find it really useful to explore this model in more depth and especially to have our own personality profiled.”

Ian Murray



“A very interesting day.  Many useful things taken from the experience.”

Gordon Cox



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